Here is How Many Bitcoins Microstrategy MSTR have Now

Microstrategy MSTR

MicroStrategy (MSTR) and its subsidiaries hold 193,000 bitcoins (BTC), which were acquired for $6.09 billion and an average purchase price of $31,544 per bitcoin, including expenses and fees. MicroStrategy is now the largest institutional holder of Bitcoin in the world.

As the price of bitcoin stands at 66,700 the total value of bitcoins MicroStrategy holds is at 12.873.100.000. The market capitalization of MicroStrategy MSTR stocks is at 17.83 billion.

Since March 6, 2024 MSTR purchased another 12,000 bitcoins for $822 million, bringing their total holdings to 205,000 bitcoins

On March 4, 2024, MicroStrategy MSTR announced that will offer $600M in convertible notes to buy more bitcoin

MicroStrategy bought 3,000 more Bitcoins for a cost basis of $155.4 million from February 15 to 25, 2024.

On December 28, 2022, MicroStrategy Incorporated (MSTR) announced that between November 1, 2022, and December 21, 2022, MicroStrategy, through its subsidiary MacroStrategy LLC acquired approximately 2,395 bitcoins

The company bought the first Bitcoins back in August 2020. The largest amount of bitcoin bought was also in August 2020 when the company bought 21,454 bitcoin for 250M, approximately 11,652 per bitcoin.

MicroStrategy sold only once, 704 bitcoins on December 22, 2022, for 16,761 per bitcoin.

DateBitcoin PurchasedAmountTotal Bitcoin
March 6/202412,000$822.0M205,000
Feb 26/20243,000$155.0M193,000
Feb 06/2024850$37.2M190,000
Dec 27/202314,620$615.7M189,150
Nov 30/202316,130$593.3M174,530
Nov 1/2023155$5.3M158,400
Sep 24/20235,445$147.3M158,245
Jul 01/2023 – Jul 31/2023467$14.4M152,800
Apr 29/2023 – Jun 27/202312,333$347M152,333
Apr 05/20231,045$29.30M140,000
Mar 27/20236,455$150.00M138,955
Dec 24/2022810$13.65M132,500
Dec 22/2022-704$11.8M131,690
Nov 1/2022 – Dec 21/20222,395$42.8M132,395
Sep 20/2022301$6M130,000
Jun 28/2022480$10M129,699
Feb/15/2022 – 4/5/20224,167$190M129,218
Jan/1/2022 -Jan/31/2022660$25M125,051
Dec 30/20211,914$94.2M124,391
Nov 29/21 – Dec 8/20211,434$82.4M122,478
Sep 13/218,957$419M114,042
Jun 21/2113,005$249M105,085
May 18/21229$10M92,079
May 13/21271$15M91,850
Apr 5/21253$15M91,579
Mar 12/21262$15M91,326
Mar 5/21205$10M91,064
Mar 1/21328$15M90,859
Mar 24/2119,452$1.026B90,531
Feb 2/21295$10M71,079
Jan 22/21314$10M70,784
Dec 21/2029,646$650M70,470
Dec 4/202,574$50M40,824
Aug 11/2021,454$250M21,454
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