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How Markets Performed in the First Nine Months of 2022

How Markets Performed in the First Nine Months of 2022

2022 has been a tough year for investors around the globe as all indices slipped into a bear market. The aggressive rate hikes by the Federal Reserve throughout the year, the Russia-Ukraine war, high inflation and supply chain difficulties after the Covid pressured almost all markets.

Stock indices are all in negative territory for the year. The tech-heavy Nasdaq is the worst performer with losses of up to 32% followed by Hong Kong’s Hang Seng stock index with losses of up to 26%. Eurozone stocks are among the hardest hit by the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Italian stocks are down 24% and Germany’s Dax index is down 23%. Dow Jones and S&P 500 both ended the third quarter with heavy losses, -20 and -24% respectively, as the Fed accelerated the interest rates hike. Nikkei 225 is almost 10% lower. India’s Sensex index is the top performer stock index so far, giving up only 1.42% in the first nine months of 2022.

In the commodities, crude oil is the winner with 5% gains while gold lost 8% and silver 18%.

In forex markets, the U.S. dollar is the king in the room as the once-in-a-lifetime rise in the dollar has shocked global markets. USDJPY is trading 25% higher while EURUSD is 13% lower since the beginning of the year. The Australian dollar is almost 12% against the U.S dollar.

In cryptocurrencies, Monero has outperformed the biggest cryptocurrencies; it has lost 35% of its capitalization. The worst performers are Bitcoin Cash (- 72.55%), Ethereum (-64.52%), Litecoin (-63.73%). Bitcoin has lost 58.37 of it’s market cap.

Here is the markets scorecard:

Dow Jones -20.95%

S&P 500 -24.77%

Nasdaq -32.40%

FTSE 100 -6.65%

DAX -23.74%

CAC 40 -19.44%

FTSE MIB -24.49%

IBEX 35 -15.46%

NIKKEI 225 -9.91%

Hang Seng -26.39%

Sensex -1.42%

Gold -8.86%

Silver -18.58%

Crude Oil +5.69%

EURUSD -13.81%

USDJPY +25.74%

AUDUSD -11.92%

Bitcoin -58.37%

Ethereum -64.52%

XRP -41.65%

Bitcoin Cash – 72.55%

Litecoin -63.73%

Monero -35.77%


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