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Palladium Price Forecasts

Palladium price

Palladium price forecasts from the best analysts. What analysts expect for the palladium price in the near future.

Commerzbank sees palladium price at $1,700 per troy once by mid-2023 and by $1,900 by the end of 2023. (2-7-2023)

ANZ Research sees Palladium price at $2,048/oz in 2023 and falling back to $1,805/oz in 2024. (12-2023)

Bank of America set a 2023 price target for palladium at $1740/oz. Bank of America for 2025 sees the Palladium trading at $1,564 and falling to $1,497/oz in 2026. (10-2022)

TD Securities sees palladium trading at $1,879/oz in the Q1 of 2023, rising to $2,100/oz by early 2024. In 2025, TD Securities sees the precious metal falling back to $1,950/oz. (10-2022)

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