TiFi Illuminates Crypto Market by Burning $4 M Worth of Token


TiFi: Decentralized E-Commerce Would Lead the Next Wave of Web3 Innovation

The Web3 e-commerce powerhouse TiFi just executed a strategic move by burning a staggering 145.6 trillion tokens, equivalent to $4.3 million in market value on March 1, 2024. This landmark event accomplishes the company’s commitment to ensuring the stability and integrity of its ecosystem amidst expanding its impact on decentralized e-commerce.

By burning 145.6 trillion tokens, the company has reduced its total supply by 15%. Until now, the company has burnt 188.6 trillion tokens manually in total, which is worth $5.5 million. These burning activities secure the investors by reducing inflation risks and boost the community’s confidence in TiFi.

The crypto investors have shown more interest in TiFi since the massive burning announcement in the middle of February. The Twitter account of TiFi Token has grown by 14% in followers and the token price has increased by 69% since the announcement.

Besides token burning, the company has collaborated with BabyDoge for locking 70 trillion tokens which are worth $2.1 million. Meanwhile, the company has fulfilled the DeFi token bond sale this month. Based on the briefing from the TiFi AMA (Ask Me Anything) event hosted on Feb. 12, there will be another CEX (Centralized Exchange) listing of TiFi Token in the month of March.

As a high-tech startup, the company continues innovation on blockchain technology along with crypto growth strategy. On Feb. 28, the company published the first demo video of Allverse. This is the beta version of a decentralized e-commerce platform that enables on-chain assets directly exchangeable with real-world products. In the video, the company uses the latest technologies from Binance, including Greenfield, the decentralized storage solution, and opBNB, the optimized layer-2 solution of BNB Chain.

Besides the revolution in technology, the company partnered with SupraOracles to enable the Token price feeds on oracle networks. The price data comes from five data sources as the Token is listed on multiple exchanges, which gives the manipulation-resistant services to support TiFi Bank, the DeFi ecosystem of the company and the future TiFi Allverse.

About TiFi

TiFi, short for “The Integrated Finance,” is a visionary Silicon Valley-based company on a mission to revolutionize the world of e-commerce through blockchain technology. Founded in 2022, the company has rapidly emerged as a key player in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, offering innovative solutions that bridge the metaverse and the real world. Its groundbreaking e-commerce platform is designed to empower users to shop, trade, and exchange real-world products with its flagship Stateful Universal Token (SUT), ushering in a new era of commerce.

Contact Information:

Address: 440 N Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale, California, 94085
Website: https://tifi.net

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