UK Ministry of Defence awards Palantir (PLTR) £75 million Enterprise Agreement


Palantir Technologies UK, LTD. (PLTR) today announced a landmark Enterprise Agreement (EA) with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Worth £75 million over three years, the partnership will support the MOD’s digital transformation as it becomes a world-leading agile force of the future. Spearheaded by Defence Digital and powered by Palantir, the digital transformation will see the MOD treat data as a strategic asset, harnessing its power to deliver superior military advantage and greater efficiency across the enterprise, from headquarters to the front lines.

This partnership aims to accelerate Defence Digital’s ambitious vision of where the UK needs to be by 2030, providing secure access to its data across all operational domains, Top Level Budgets and UK Armed Forces bases.

Working in close collaboration with Defence Digital, Palantir software will enable the MOD to exploit data at scale and speed to make faster, better decisions across Defence. Building on more than a decade of partnership, the agreement will enable any part of UK Defence to gain access to Palantir software across multiple classifications, wherever and however it can help – turning the MOD’s digital vision into reality at pace.

Palantir (PLTR) builds leading digital platforms for data-driven operations and decision-making. By helping develop a data-backed representation of Defence assets, personnel and workstreams, Palantir software brings all the data that matters into a single view through a modelling concept known as an ‘ontology.’

As disparate data sources are integrated into Palantir software, it digests the information, cleaning and harmonising the data and mapping it to an ontology. The ontology allows users to see data not as rows and columns but as objects, properties, and the relationships between them.

With this sophisticated, intuitive data model in place, MOD personnel can perform advanced scenario planning, testing hypotheses and modelling how they would play out in real-time. Whether for front-line operations, budget decisions or maintenance planning with industry partners, Palantir’s (PLTR) software gives the MOD the ability to understand outcomes before making decisions.

Director Chief Data at Defence Digital Caroline Bellamy said:

“As a strategic partner in a complex Defence Data eco-system, Palantir products and services are helping Defence to become a truly integrated digital enterprise, with data exploitation at the heart of a faster, better, and more integrated Defence. A Defence where real-time, interconnected data better informs decision making, our people are digitally connected and empowered, and step changes in digital capability have been made for our warfighters and across our business operations.”

Guy Williams, Head of UK Defence & National Security, Palantir Technologies UK, Ltd. said:

“Palantir’s Enterprise Agreement with the MOD will accelerate the UK Armed Forces’ journey to become a truly integrated force. We’re proud to expand our long-standing relationship with the MOD through our partnership with Defence Digital, and look forward to delivering world-leading software capabilities to enable greater operational outcomes.”

Rear Admiral Jim Higham said:

“Palantir Foundry is critical to the Royal Navy’s transformation driving radically improved availability of its ships and submarines.”

Across UK Defence, all Palantir users can adapt the platforms to suit their needs using Palantir’s suite of no-code/low-code application builders, democratising access to data and levelling up MOD users.

Palantir’s UK office is one of the largest globally and is home to the company’s Research & Development hub.

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